Why You Should Switch to Dental Implants Over Standard Dentures in Wheaton

Have you been feeling pain in your teeth from using standard dentures and are searching for a more comfortable alternative? If so, then you have probably heard about dental implants. Dental implants in Wheaton can provide you with a wealth of health benefits if you have lost your teeth because of age, decay, disease, or injury.

What are Dental Implants?

As its name suggests, dental implants are devices or screws that are surgically placed in your jawbone. This type of method allows for a more stable and secure connection to the dentures that attach to the implants. This means you will begin to feel more comfortable using dentures, reducing, or eliminating the pain you have been experiencing with standard dentures.

Natural Appearance While Reducing Costs

In addition to feeling comfortable, dental implants provide a more natural appearance for a more confident smile. Choosing dental implants will also help reduce costs as you will no longer be required to purchase dental accessories like glue and other similar items.

The Experts You Can Trust for Top-Quality Care

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