Why You Should Keep Baby Journals

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Business

As a new parent, you’re probably exhausted by caring for your baby. Between diaper changing, breastfeeding, rocking your baby to sleep, and showing off your little one to all your friends, it’s a full-time job. But in the few minutes you have to yourself, it’s a good idea to keep a baby journal documenting your infant’s first year or so of life.

Baby Journals Help You Remember Special Events
Your child’s first solid food? First word? First trip to the zoo? It’s not enough to just take pictures- you should document this in a baby journal as well. That way, you can remember when all your baby’s milestones occur. While it seems like your baby will remain this way forever, they’re only babies once; this precious time occurs for a little over a year until they start toddling around and knocking over vases, pulling the dog’s tail, and climbing around the sandbox.
While social media outlets such as email and Facebook let you post your child’s pictures and any special event, you don’t want to comb through this data twenty years later to recollect the time with your child. You want all this information in one place- a cute, customized baby journal that shows your child that you’ve documented everything about them.
A baby journal can also serve as a valuable medical record. If your child shows medical symptoms, documenting them can help medical professionals figure out if something is wrong. If your baby journal shows that your infant was speaking at seven months but completely ceased babbling two months later, that’s information that the pediatrician needs to know.

A Baby Journal Can Be Decorated
If you’re a creative artistic person, there’s no better way to channel this activity than through creating a baby journal. You probably don’t have much time for artsy endeavors with your new infant, but the journal can serve as a great outlet for your talents. If you go to craft stores, you’ll find a host of great ideas for decorating and collaging baby journals to document your little one’s first year or so of life.
Journals can be decorated with stickers, snapshots, and collaged pictures to show first birthdays, first family vacations, and other “firsts” in your baby’s life. You can pull them out later to show family and friends. Twenty years later, your child can look at them fondly. It’s a great way to get all your baby pictures in one place.

Baby Journals Help You Unwind
There’s just something about writing that helps people relax. As a stressed new parent, you need time to just sit down and focus on something that relieves your anxiety. A baby journal is a perfect outlet to sit down, write, draw, and relax. For more information visit gotobaby.com

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