Why You Should Call the Police after a Car Accident

It’s easy to lose your cool or forget about taking proper documentation when you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. Road collisions can make anyone a little crazy. One of the worst mistakes you can make is taking too long to get help. Here’s why you should call the police right away:

Accident reports

Aside from calling a car accident attorney to help you handle the legal details of the case, putting in a call to the local law enforcement for help is a must. That’s because police can properly record the scene of the accident and provide you with valuable records and evidence that your lawyer can use in court later on, says How Stuff Works.

Insurance companies

Some people think they don’t need to call in the police, believing the accident is minor. But while the damage to your car might be minor, it could lead to major health problems for you, especially if you end up suffering from an internal injury. You’ll have a much harder time going through the claims process with insurance companies if police aren’t involved. Cover your bases and make things easier on your car accident attorney by getting law enforcement assistance right from the start.

Major damage

The accident could result in internal injuries. Symptoms for internal injuries could take a day or two to occur. The insurance company may give you a hard time about the accident if you don’t have an accident report filed. By calling the police, you can essentially speed up the claims process.

Assistance and support

Police can keep you and the other party from coming to blows. They can help keep the peace and ensure everyone keeps a steady frame of mind at the scene. This will prove helpful in ensuring faster and speedier resolution to your case.