Why You Need a Fluke Thermal Camera

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Electronics & Electrical

Thermal imaging cameras have long been used in industrial and utility plants, but commercial buildings can also benefit from these devices. A Fluke thermal camera can be used to locate moisture intrusion and heat loss in a matter of seconds. In addition, it is also able to take measurements from a safe distance with no contact can create easy-to-understand pictures of any existing problems.

Find Electrical Issues

With a Fluke thermal camera, it is easy to count circuit breakers, motors and other electrical elements within a building to make sure they are all working properly. The thermal imager makes it possible to take measurements from a safe distance in order to find electrical issues in areas that are difficult for workers to reach safely. This makes it possible to find overheating circuits or failing motor bearings without putting anyone in danger.

Using the Fluke thermal image camera, you will be able to quickly diagnose any problems with the electrical distribution system. If you find that a motor is not working properly, you will know because the outer bell housing will be considerably warmer.

Thermal imaging also provides a great solution to finding loose connections. Over time, dirt creates additional resistance, which causes overheating. In fact, you can lose one phase in a three-phase system, which increases the risk for fire or power failure.

The Fluke thermal camera is an excellent tool of predictive maintenance. It makes it possible for you to detect any potential problems that could explode into major failures if not addressed in a timely manner.

Identifying Thermal Performance

One of the most common problems is also the easiest one to detect with the Fluke thermal camera, which is heat loss from piping, walls, windows, doors and HVAC components. An infrared camera does not have the ability to read the air temperature. However, they can measure the impact that the air temperature has on the surface. This information can be used to determine if the flow of air in a room is sufficient to disperse cooling or heating.

In some cases, you may determine that you have air infiltration that is coming from the windows. Therefore, regardless of how appropriate the temperature of the air is that is coming out of the vent, the room will fail to every have the proper thermal balance.

The bottom line is that if your building is compromised, you are losing money. With a Fluke thermal camera, you are able to understand so much more about your building.

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