Why Window Sill Replacement in Cambridge, MA Matters

Maintaining a home requires attention to little details. One of those details has to do with the condition of the window sills. Many people don’t realize what a difference it makes to arrange for a window sill replacement in Cambridge MA when the time comes. Here are some of the benefits that the owner will enjoy once the work is done.

More Control Over the Indoor Temperature

When people think of air seeping in a window, their first thoughts go to sashes that are loose or warped. While that’s certainly a contributing factor, deteriorated sashes can also be the culprit. Take a good look at the sill and note any signs that it’s beginning to rot. If all it takes is placing a hand on the sill and pressing slightly to confirm the wood rot, know it’s time to arrange for a Sill Replacement in Cambridge MA. Once there’s a solid sill in place again, the amount of air seepage will decrease noticeably.

Lowering Heating and Cooling Costs

Until those older sills are replaced, expect to spend more money on heating and cooling. That’s because the HVAC system is running more in order to deal with the effects of that air seepage. Once the new sills are in place, the unit will cycle off more often and reduce the energy consumption. That translates into lower utility bills each month.

Protecting the Investment in the Home

It’s a safe bet that the home will be sold at some point in the future. Either the owner will sell the home in favor of moving to a different place or loved ones will sell the property as part of an estate settlement after the owner passes away. Since the condition of the home, including the window sills, will impact the market value, doesn’t it make sense to replace those worn sills with something that will hold up well in the years to come?

If the time has come to do something about those older windows, call the team at Fitzgerald Restoration today. It won’t take long for a contractor to assess the situation, come up with a plan, and ensure the homeowner is happy with the result.