Why Visit The Best Wineries In Northern Virginia

The ability to visit the best wineries in Northern Virginia has been provided for those who choose to head to this impressive wine country and make the most of the wineries on offer. Among the wineries that can be visited for tastings and tours is the Twin Oaks award-winning vineyard in the heart of the Northern Virginia countryside that is among the most beautiful in the nation. Enjoying the best in wines is just one part of enjoying a trip to a region of the nation where the history of the U.S. and winemaking merge beautifully.

The Founding Father saw the potential

The history of winemaking in Virginia is not particularly well known but the fact Thomas Jefferson was among those who believed the rolling hills and mineral-rich soil would be perfect for wine production is not as well known. Virginia’s wine country can be found as little as four and a half miles from The White House and brings together all the most impressive aspects of one of the most impressive areas for wine production in the U.S. Even those who may not be major fans of wine can enjoy the beauty of a region that features rolling hills and different wineries dotted throughout the area.

A huge number of wineries

One of the major benefits of traveling what has become known as the Piedmont where the best wineries in Northern Virginia are located is that around 75 percent of the vineyards in the region can be found. The ease with which a tour can take in the best wineries means each tour can allow the visitor to explore the best in Virginian wine.