Why to Choose Cremation in Fairfield, OH

There is more freedom today in making final arrangements than ever before. Some people prefer a traditional viewing, funeral, and burial, and others opt for something less common. One growing practice is to choose Cremation in Fairfield OH. Not everyone is comfortable with this method, but there are reasons why everyone should at least consider the benefits of cremation services.

Reduces Funeral Costs

Cremation eliminates the need for an expensive casket and a burial plot. Embalming is also unnecessary if the family chooses to forgo a viewing and have just the urn at the funeral. Added savings also include the cost of transportation of the casket to the cemetery and the cost of a headstone when a burial is not chosen.

Preserving the Earth

A limited amount of space is available on the planet, and many people feel a pang of guilt for insisting that a specific spot be set aside for them for eternity. Cremated ashes can be kept at home or spread in the wind and help to preserve the earth for the living. Buried urns take up less space than a casket, so this is also a conservative option.

Staying With Family

Many people and their family members find comfort in having their loved one’s ashes with them. Lockets, rings and even containers inside teddy bears make it possible for multiple family members to keep a small amount of the ashes as a personal keepsake. Family members can choose to divide all the ashes or to spread the majority of them and keep just enough for keepsakes.

Keeping it Simple

Cremation eliminates a lot of details that people would otherwise have to worry about. This includes choosing the right clothing and hair style for the viewing and even the timing of the event. With cremation, the memorial can take place immediately or be held off for a period of time until all friends and family can attend.

Cremation in Fairfield OH is a personal choice that every individual or family must make for themselves. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to final planning. Every person should feel free to make the choice that gives them comfort and peace.