Why There’s an Ongoing Need for Ant Extermination in Minneapolis

When insect pests get inside a house, they never seem to want to leave. An ant infestation can’t be resolved by patiently waiting for the insects to find their way back outside. In addition, ants don’t travel solo. Finding one ant in the house most likely means there are many more somewhere inside. Most people find at least 10 or 12 of the busy bugs roaming around the kitchen counter instead of just one. Technicians who provide professional ant extermination in Minneapolis get rid of these unwanted critters. They also suggest preventive strategies to the home’s residents, so the problem doesn’t occur again.

Ants live in colonies with large populations. Each colony has a queen that produces eggs. Newborn ants take on the roles of workers, drones, and soldiers. Workers come into people’s homes to get food and bring it back to the nest. Bait traps kill the workers, but that is of little help. No matter how many worker ants somebody kills, the effect on the nest is minimal. The queen keeps generating more eggs and more ants. One of the few effective ways to eliminate the queen is to set out poison bait that the workers can carry back to the nest. This may be fatal to the queen ant.

It’s practically impossible to eliminate ants from the exterior of a property. Thousands of them live underground in any given yard. Ants leave scent trails so their cohabitants in the nest can easily find their way from one place to another. It also can be practically impossible to keep every bit of food sealed up. The scent trail may lead from the underground nest to a bowl of dog food on the kitchen floor. Finding a nest and applying poison there won’t solve the problem. All the ants that escape or aren’t there at the moment can retreat to satellite nests that have previously been established. The goals of the property owners will be to make it difficult for them to come inside and to rapidly eliminate them if any do enter. Professional Ant Extermination in Minneapolis accomplishes those goals. Contact Be There Pest Control LLC to get started.