Why Slate Roof Repair in Nassau County NY is Important for Your Roof

Slate roofs are known for their long-lasting shingles and are still found on the market today. The word “slate” is used to define a fine-grained homogeneous sedimentary rock that is composed of clay or volcanic ash. The rock has been changed so that it splits easily into thin layers. It is often a natural bluish- grey coloring or shades of brown. There are many advantages of a slate roof. Listed below are a few of the advantages.

Advantages of a Slate Roof

  •  Installing a slate roof on the home gives a beautiful appearance to the home.
  • It is also extremely durable. They are known to outlast the buildings they have been installed on. If cared for properly and performing
  • Slate roof repair in Nassau County NY
  • when applicable, a slate roof can last 150 years or longer.
  • Slate roof tiles are also fireproof and environmentally friendly. Due to being made of natural stone, the slate tiles do not give off pollution during manufacturing. Should the need arise; slate tiles may also be recycled.
  • They are also known for assisting in insulating the home, which lowers the home’s energy costs.

Slate Roof Repairs

There are two main repairs a contractor will perform when repairing a slate roof:

Replacement of the individual slates- This is the most common and least expensive slate roof repair in Nassau County NY. Replacing individual slates that have broken or cracked due to weather or other elements is an important part of maintenance. While broken or cracked tiles don’t generally cause leaks, waiting to fix them, can lead to much larger and more costly repairs.

Replacing worn flashings and fastening- This type is also common but is also less cost-effective. Considered to be the “weak link” of the roof’s design, the materials used for the flashings are used to seal the penetrations throughout the roof. These can include chimneys and vents.

Fastenings are the components that secure the slate tiles onto the roof. They are typically in the form of a nail but can also be a hook.

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Repairing a slate roof does not need to be a hard and stressful process. Hiring a well- reputable contractor is the first step in obtaining the best roof repairs possible. For information on repairing or installing a new slate roof for your home, visit Business Name today.