Why Should I Visit a Rhinology Clinic in Louisville, KY?

Are you constantly sniffling even though you are not cold or sick? Do you feel “stuffed up” or consistently have a runny nose? When you consistently experience runny noses and other related sinus issues without reason, it is a good sign you should visit a rhinology clinic in Louisville, KY. Rhinologists such as Dr. Thomas S Higgins, MD, MSPH work to treat sinus infections and other issues associated with blocked sinuses.

How Can a Rhinology Clinic Help Me?

Your sinuses act as a filter for airflow. Some drainage is normal under the right circumstances because it is your body’s natural way of keeping the nose clean and free of bacteria. When your sinuses become blocked, it can cause an infection. Bacteria will begin to grow. When you are suffering from a constant runny nose, you may have bacterial sinusitis. Specialized physicians at a rhinology clinic in Louisville, KY will assess your sinuses and diagnose the issue. They will provide excellent patient-centered care and explain the best course of treatment.

Is a Rhinologist Better Than a Primary Care Physician?

It is very difficult to compare two different medical specialties. To say one doctor or one practice is better than another is false. However, a general or primary care physician can treat a wide range of issues that a rhinologist will not. A rhinologist will treat issues with the sinus cavity that may be out of a primary care physician’s scope of care. For example, when you go to the dentist, you may see a general dentist for your oral health and treatment plan. The treatment plan may call for you to also visit an oral surgeon to perform invasive surgery. Primary care physicians and rhinologists work together to provide top-quality medical treatment.