Why Parents of Young Children Should Consult a Wills and Trust Lawyer

As a parent, you want nothing more than to watch your children grow up and begin their own life. However, life can be unpredictable and sometimes the unexpected occurs to result in the untimely death of the parents. While you might not want to think about an accident or another event taking your life. You want to ensure your children are protected if you should suddenly pass away. Anyone that owns property or has accumulated finances should plan their estate for after they pass away. Especially for parents with small children, it is imperative to have your affairs in order. A wills and trust lawyer in Moline, IL can assist you in successfully planning your estate to secure the financial future of your children.

Reasons to Plan Your Estate

  • You can establish a trust for each child to ensure they receive a fair share of your estate.
  • A lawyer can help you document who should be the children’s guardian when you pass away.
  • An attorney provides legal advice on how the trust should be set up and distributed.
  • A wills and trust lawyer in Moline, IL ensures the documents are legal to prevent any disputes.
  • You have peace of mind that your children will be adequately cared for after your death.

Protect Your Children and Their Financial Future

When parents pass away and leave behind small children, it can be devastating for the kids. The last thing they need is a lengthy and messy legal battle that can traumatize the children. At David J. Franks Attorney at Law, they will assist you in making the critical decisions to protect your children. From naming the guardians to beneficiaries of the estate, a skilled team of attorneys can make sure your final wishes are granted.