Why OTR Trucking Jobs, or Long Haul Trucking Jobs, are for You

Trucking is an essential necessity in all industries; however, reliable and professional drivers are always in need. There are many different types of trucking services, such as long and short haul, regional, and freight. OTR trucking jobs are trucking jobs for the most independent drivers. Whether you need to accumulate your miles to establish a driving history, or you enjoy traveling long routes as opposed to running the same routes over and over again, OTR trucking jobs could be the job for you.

What is Over The Road Trucking?

Over the Road trucking, or OTR, is a type of trucking job that doesn’t come with a designated route. You could spend between two to three weeks on the road picking up and dropping off loads at any assigned destination. The benefits of over the road trucking include setting your own work hours, rapid accumulation of your trucking miles and truck driving experience, and the chance to travel to many different places.

Job Requirements for OTR Trucking Drivers

As an OTR trucking job driver, you would often drive hundreds of miles per day. Federal regulations cap drivers to drive up 11 hours per day. You would have the opportunity to improve your driving history, accumulate your miles and driving experience in all sorts of different road conditions. As an OTR driver, you would usually sleep in your sleeper berth inside the truck and travel to many different cities in order to complete deliveries on time.

Basic Requirements to Obtain a OTR Job

To obtain an OTR job, you must pass a drug and alcohol test, pass a physical, be at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record and solid work history, attend a truck driving school, and obtain a Commercial Driver’s License.