Why Loose Diamonds May be the Best Choice

If you are in the market for precious stones or jewelry you have many different selections in which to choose. There are so many beautiful stones to look at and each one says something special to the person you give diamonds to. When it comes to precious stones, loose diamonds may be a good idea and here are some reasons why.

Investment Purposes

Some people choose to invest their money in the stock market, commodities or currency. Although it’s possible to make an enormous amount of money with these investment strategies, there is also a great deal of risk involved. There are safer investment options you can turn to, and loose diamonds are a good example.

Many investments might look good on paper, but what happens if you need to liquidate assets? Turning stocks into cash is not always easy and you can lose a great deal on your investment if you choose to sell at the wrong time. This is not the case when it comes to loose diamonds. In fact, they are very easy to liquidate and you also can use them for loan collateral.

Buying loose diamonds is better than keeping cash on hand. In time, cash will be worth less and less due to inflation and other factors. However, diamonds will continuously increase in value over the years.


When you own loose diamonds you always have the option of turning them into some kind of jewelry. In fact, this is a great strategy when shopping diamond engagement rings. For example, if you don’t have all the money for a ring, why not buy the stone now? You will save money because diamonds are very likely to increase in cost each year.

Loose diamonds are very versatile and provide many options for jewelry. They can be set into rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and the possibilities are almost endless.

Choosing the Right Cuts

If you are thinking about purchasing loose diamonds for their investment potential, consider buying round cut stones. Round is the most popular diamond cut and is in greatest demand. Plus, round diamonds have always been popular so your investment will be safe.

As you shop for diamonds, you may find some which have been clarity enhanced. This usually is denoted by “C.E”. Although clarity enhanced stones can save you money on pre-set jewelry, they are not the best choice for loose diamonds because they are not as valuable as stones which have not been enhanced.