Why Living in a Student Apartment Is the Best Choice for You in Statesboro

While going off to college can certainly be stressful, you can reduce this burden by making the right choice when it comes to where you live while attending school. In fact, most alumni will tell you that they are quite happy they chose student housing in Statesboro, GA. There are many reasons why this is so.

Apartments Are Cheaper

The reason that dorms can be so expensive is that they tack on fees for such extras as recreation fees, laundry facilities, and other things that you may not necessarily need or want. For instance, student apartments come with a laundry room that is always much cheaper than what the college charges you.

More Hygienic

Being crammed into a small building with a bunch of strangers means that when one person gets sick, nearly everyone else will too. This can be quite cumbersome if it happens during exams or if you have a job that you need to maintain. To stay as healthy as possible, it is much better to live in a private student apartment where if you can stay away from sick people when you need to or if you happen to be sick, you can remain isolated.

Gain Independence

With so many rules in place in a college dormitory, it can be difficult to think and act like an independent adult. This is a huge reason why living on your own in student housing in Statesboro, GA is something that every student needs to do.

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