Why Hire a Divorce Attorney to Represent You in Freeport, Illinois?

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Lawyers

Going through a divorce is an extremely difficult time. Some people will try to go through the entire process with their spouse. They think that the paperwork can be filed easily at the courthouse, and it will be a done deal. However, it is rarely that simple. Even for amicable divorces, there will still be things that need to be worked out, and there will be a ton of paperwork that will need to be filed for a judge to rule on. For people going through a divorce, hiring a divorce attorney in Freeport, IL, will make the process easier to navigate, and they will make sure that everything is filed correctly.

Negotiating the Divorce Process

During the divorce process, things like child custody, child support, alimony, dividing property, dividing assets, and more will come up. For some people, this can be resolved relatively easily. Some people may also have a prenup agreement. This will make negotiations easy for the couple. However, if there are disagreements, this can get ugly. The lawyer involved in the case will help to protect the party that they are hired to. They will present their wants and needs to divorce and see if they can negotiate adequate terms for the couple.

Filing for Divorce

Once the negotiating part of the divorce is over, the case will be presented in front of a judge. The judge will then sign off on the divorce. If there are any issues that need to be heard, the divorce attorney in Freeport, IL, will bring them to the attention of the court. Having this attorney will help to ensure that the process goes as it should and the matter is resolved.

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