Why Hire a Custom Metal Fabrication Shop?

Are you planning a new project that requires structural steel fabricating? Maybe you need parts machined to tight tolerances, or you’re having problems keeping up with your customer orders. A custom metal fabrication shop may be the solution to your problem. In fact, they offer a wide range of benefits and here are some you may want to consider.

Aluminum Work

Are you setup for machining aluminum? Some aluminum alloys are difficult to work with, and unless you have experienced machinists and the right equipment, you could be spinning your wheels when you get an order for aluminum parts. There’s no need to turn down business when you can contact your local custom metal fabrication shop for help.

CNC Machining

Are you thinking about adding some new or updated CNC machines to your shop? If so, this can be an expensive ordeal and what happens if you don’t have room for the new machines? It can take some time to expand your facility, and in the meantime, you could lose out on some lucrative business. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem when you partner with a trusted machine shop that can handle your needs until you have everything ready.

Welded Parts

Do some of your parts or components need welding? It is time-consuming when you have to manually weld all your parts. You could invest in a high-tech robotic welding system, but you might not have the resources. Instead, you only need to contact a trusted metal fabrication shop with automated welding capacities. They can do the work for you, faster, and more efficiently.

One-Stop Shop Services

When you partner with the right fabricating professionals, they can handle many of the services you need. This includes working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, laser cutting, etching, welding, and high-tech CNC machining.

When you need a metal fabrication shop you can depend on, come to Wisconsin Metal Fab. Join us on the World Wide Web today at http://www.wisconsinmetalfab.com/ and check out all the services we have for you.