Why Good Nutrition and Physical Fitness Are Vital to Good Health

Eat right and exercise. While what has been considered “eating right” and the types of exercise may have changed over the years, those two things have been considered essential components of good health for years. Good nutrition and physical fitness are both considered vital to good health for a number of reasons, and the benefits are anything but superficial.

  1. Some people say that fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Others say “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.” Both of these things are true. Good nutrition is not about taking in few enough calories to maintain a thin appearance. Good nutrition is about bringing in the nutrients that are essential for your body to function properly. Of course, the added benefit of eating nutrient-dense foods is that they tend to be more filling than junk foods, and they provide nutrients that help you combat cravings, so they do tend to help you lose weight. However, good nutrition is about providing the right fuel for all parts of your body. Good nutrition improves immune function, helps your organs functions properly, and can even impact your brain function and help alleviate depression.
  2. Exercise makes you feel good. Exercise is proven to be a great way to reduce the impact of stress on your body and also as effective at combating depression as medication. It is a natural way to improve mental health, not just physical health.
  3. Exercise keeps all of your systems working well. Regular exercise reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke, and even some types of cancer. It also helps you maintain mobility and flexibility, minimizing the risk of injury as you age.

While we would all love a magic pill that guaranteed fitness, the reality is that nutritious food and regular exercise are two key components of a healthy lifestyle. Come by The MAX Challenge Princeton, NJ location today to find out how we can help you incorporate both of them into your lifestyle.