Why Commercial Hand Dryers Are Better

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Business

Studies have shown that a warm-air dryer and paper towels both get rid of bacteria, so most people think that they don’t need commercial hand dryers and the added expense. However, the problem is that the hands must be washed with warm, soapy water and dried completely to reduce transmission of germs and the spread of bacteria. Most people who use paper towels give a few swipes and throw it away, even if the hands aren’t dry, which is how bacteria can be spread.

Why It’s More Sanitary

If you choose to have antibacterial soap in your restrooms, you’re already on your way to preventing the spread of disease. Choosing an automatic dryer will ensure that no touching has to happen (for those who only use water to wash the hands). Therefore, germs aren’t spread by touching a button. Likewise, commercial hand dryers can dry in about 10 seconds without getting too hot, meaning the hands are thoroughly dried when they leave the bathroom. Both of these counts make a dryer more sanitary than a paper towel.


Another problem with paper towels is that they are used and discarded. Many people prefer to open the door and shut off the water with a towel so as not to contaminate their hands. Therefore, customers may use up to six towels to complete their bathroom visit, adding to more waste. The refuse from these towels is likely to sit most of the day or may be changed out at regular intervals. However, an employee must gather the trash and throw it away correctly, which could contaminate them. Likewise, paper towel waste is then added to the local landfill. Commercial hand dryers get rid of all the waste and worry over contamination, ensuring that your establishment is clean.

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