Why Choose CNC Laser Cutter Technology?

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Metal Fabricators

If you are in the fabrication or manufacturing business in Cleveland, you may have to perform many different cutting tasks in a day’s time. Although standard methods like sawing and grinding still have their place today, many companies are turning to CNC laser cutter technology. But what is this process and is it right for you? Let’s explore it a little deeper to see.

Precision Cuts with Lasers

In order to laser cut, commercial laser machines focus intense beams of light into a relatively small area of material. This generates very intense heat (in one tiny area) which has the ability to slice through even hard materials like steel. Several types of lasers can be used in the process. For example, some offer cold cutting, thermal stress or even vaporization.


With saw blades, there is always the chance of contamination while cuts are created. In addition, because blades become dull over time, they must be continually replaced or sharpened. This is not required with lasers, because they are always sharp and ready to cut.

Because the cutting is cleaner, one can receive a more accurate cut. This produces a product with smooth edges and often times there is no need for filing, sanding or smoothing out the cut surfaces. These cuts also produce very little waste and this can save money in more than one way:

  • Less material lost in the cutting process
  • No shavings to clean up
  • No coolant system contamination and cleanup
  • Less time – cutting is very fast and efficient and can save a lot of time.

CNC Laser Cutter

When you cut with lasers it provides a lot of benefits for Cleveland businesses. However, these benefits are greatly increased when you add CNC (computer numeric control) to the process. Do you need very precise cuts? Perhaps you would like to do engraving on your products. Computerized laser machines can perform very intricate cuts and engravings and many other tasks, once they have been programmed. A CNC laser cutter can be used to cut all kinds of materials for your Cleveland business. For example, you can cut cement, foam, wood and engrave metals.

To add laser cutter equipment to your Cleveland business, you might have to make a major investment. This kind of equipment can be costly, but you can save a lot of money when you use a trusted custom fabrication company. They can take care of many of your needs and help you improve and enhance your business.

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