Why Choose a Natural Pet Supermarket

At our pet supermarket, we would like to believe that every single pet owner out there genuinely wants the best for their animals. As the times continue to change, people are trying to learn how to adjust their lifestyles to become more sustainable. The ways that they are doing this is by purchasing locally grown foods and shopping at locally owned stores, they tend to want the same for their pets as well. Pets are considered an extension of the family, some people may even consider them like their children, and why not purchase the best that their money can buy?

Purchase Organic and All Natural
There is no reason to purchase regular dog and cat foods that are not organic or all natural. Like human food, their food contains fillers that can weigh them down and in the end, are just not that healthy for them at all. Our pet supermarket serves all of the Jacksonville residents and affords them the opportunity to do their part and give their pets the best life and nutritious food that they can have. Hoping to become a leader in pet nutrition, our products are all natural and organic, and we will always keep it that way.

Unique Experiences
On top of offering superior quality dog and cat foods, we pride ourselves upon our extraordinary level of customer service. Our customers love to come and visit with us, and we love to see all of their pets – as we are brought great joy by these wonderful animals. Our pet supermarket is a unique environment where pet owners and pets alike can come shopping and enjoy the experience together. There are just not enough places in the world that allow that kind of bonding experience to occur.

Living What We Believe In
Earth Pets here in Jacksonville Florida, is proud of what has been created and established and we look forward to what the future has to bring our company. Always seeking to reach out to every pet owner out there so they can thoroughly enjoy and feel great about what they are providing their pets with. No longer do pet owners have to worry about if their pets are getting the proper nutrition, and if for some reason their pets need to see a veterinarian, we have an animal hospital right on site.

Come down a visit us, you and your pets and enjoy all of the amenities that we have to offer!