Why Buy a Commercial Copeland AC Compressor?

Whether you are an AC contractor or business with commercial cooling needs, it’s important to cut costs and still use the very best equipment. You will find many good reasons to purchase a Copeland AC compressor when a replacement is needed. In fact, Copeland scroll compressors are some of the best available.

What is a Scroll Compressor?

A standard compressor works in a similar fashion to an internal combustion engine. For example, a piston within a cylinder goes up and down on a crankshaft, and the piston has rings which seal the surface area. As the piston moves, fluid is sucked in through an intake valve and pumped out through an exhaust valve. This circulates refrigerant throughout the cooling system.

A scroll or spiral compressor works by utilizing two scrolls. One scroll is fixed while the other one moves. The moving spiral rotates as it matches up with the fixed scroll. This creates a sucking motion as gas or liquid is sucked in. Eventually the scroll motion creates expansion and the liquid or gas is then expelled from the unit. A scroll type Copeland AC compressor has many advantages over standard types. For instance:

  • Much quieter operation
  • Fewer moving parts to wear out – a scroll compressor can last for a very long time with minimal wear and tear
  • Lighter and smaller – HVAC units can be smaller and more compact, taking up less space.
  • Less vibration than piston type compressors
  • Highly efficient and cheaper to run than standard compressors

Copeland Scroll Compressors

Emerson (maker of Copeland compressors) pioneered the technology of scroll compressors, and it was a major innovation for the refrigeration industry. Copeland compressors have been installed more than one million times all over the planet. You can use these compressors alone or in tandem setups. The Copeland AC compressor has seventy percent fewer moving parts than standard models and is one of the most reliable units on the market. It is known for its easy maintenance, long life and easy start ups. In addition, you will receive superior efficiency for maximum energy savings.

Innovative Technology

Emerson features the largest product line of compressors in the industry today. You can buy a Copeland Scroll compressor as small as one horsepower or as large as 60 horsepower. As the industry shifts to high SEER ratings and the phasing out of R-22 refrigerant, the Copeland AC compressor is leading the way, as the unit of choice. They are the perfect “green” choice with their greater efficiency and chlorine free refrigerants.