Why Both Parents May Want to Consider Hiring a Child Support Attorney in Alpharetta GA

One of the unfortunate symptoms of our society as it exists today is that children sometimes have to grow up in what has commonly been referred to as a ‘broken home,’ in which one parent has primary or sole custody. In such cases, it often becomes the other parent’s responsibility to provide financial aid for raising the child in the form of child support. Whether you are experiencing a conflict regarding child support or not, it may be a good idea to retain a Child Support Attorney in Alpharetta, GA.

There are several reasons why it can be beneficial for both parents to have a Child Support Attorney in Alpharetta, GA:

Assistance in understanding your rights and responsibilities related to child support.

  • Child support can be a complex legal matter, even if both parents agree on the amount and frequency of payments. Both parents have specific rights and responsibilities that can sometimes be challenging to navigate without professional assistance.

Enforcing child support payments.

  • Whether it is intentional or not, when the responsible parent fails to make court-ordered child support payments, legal action may be necessary to obtain the financial aid your child deserves. This may involve wage garnishments or placing a levy on the responsible parent’s bank account if required.

Modifications to your child support obligations.

  • The amount a responsible parent is required to pay is largely based on their income. If you are the parent responsible for making child support payments and experience a significant change in your income, you may have the right to request an adjustment to your payment requirements.

While it is the optimal scenario to never have to retain the services of a Child Support Attorney in Alpharetta, GA, unforeseen circumstances may arise at any moment. Therefore, it is crucial to have a Child Support Attorney in Alpharetta, GA, who is ready and able to assist you when such situations arise. For more information, please contact The Millard Law Firm.