Why All Types of Ants in Your Lawn Are Not Good News

You may have heard that ants are good for the ecosystem in your garden. They turn over your soil and redistribute nutrients while also picking up dead insects and redistributing them as fertilizer in the soil. Unfortunately, too many ants, or the wrong types of ants, can have a negative effect on your lawn resulting in a professional needed to manage lawn care in Port St Lucie.

Where the Ants Live

A reasonable number of ants existing in your yard can reap many benefits. If the ants congregate in large numbers however, they can cause excessive damage to your lawn if the appropriate action is not taken by a professional in lawn care in Port St Lucie.

Once ants have outgrown your lawn area, they will move into your property looking for food and good quality shelter.

Having ants in your garden can be both positive and negative, depending on their number; however, you do not want ants inside your property either way. You need to seal all the holes and cracks around your windows and doors with caulk, paying extra attention to the foundation of your property and any breaks in the sidings around your home.

Your experts in lawn care in Port St Lucie will assess your lawn and soil and identify what is causing the problems in your lawn and some of the areas to die. They will also suggest a specific mowing height for your lawn as well as ways to fertilize it to bring it back to life.

Where you have ants that are causing difficulty, a professional will show you how to remove the fire ants and other bugs from your lawn preventing it from growing properly throughout the year.

Keeping your lawn green and healthy is not a difficult task, however it is best to be left to the professionals who understand all of the elements involved.