Why A Flashing Check Engine Light Is A Sign You Shouldn’t Ever Ignore

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Automotive

Every year, vehicles get a lot more powerful. They get a lot more miles per gallon. They also have much better technology. For these reasons, owning a car can be a complicated affair. While older mechanical systems could get you from point A to point B, today that’s not the case. Your car needs new computer systems that are more accurate.

But even if we’re careful, the time will come when we will need collision repair Lakeview services. The only way your car has of communicating problems to you is through the check engine light. Your vehicle may seem fine, but you don’t want to drive around with the check engine light on. You never know what could happen.

What The Check Engine Light Indicates

Your mechanic will show you that your car is in what’s known as “limp mode”. This means that your vehicle is in a compromised position. While your engine runs, it doesn’t perform as it should.

If your service light is blinking, immediately take your car to a collision repair Lakeview shop right away. Don’t take your car back on the road without getting it diagnosed and fixed. Your mechanic will use the very best in diagnostic methods to determine just why your check engine light is blinking. The reason could be a really simple one. For example, it could be a broken wire. Or it could be a more complex issue like a faulty sensor. Google can’t tell you what is wrong with your vehicle. Therefore, take your car to a local auto diagnostic technician as soon as possible.

How Does Your Mechanic Find the Solution?

Your mechanic will use state-of-the-art diagnostic methods to find the issue plaguing your vehicle. Once the mechanic finds the solution and clears the code, your car will be back on the road in no time.

Lincoln Park and Lakeview residents whose check engine lights have been flashing for some time can contact Bucaro Brothers Auto Care through their website.

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