Who Will Drive the Moving Truck?

Many people today are interested in hacks, shortcuts and saving money any way they can. As a result, you may want to be your own movers in Memphis. However, you could run into major problems when you do the job yourself. Here are just a few of the many things which can go wrong.

Driving the Truck

Do you have a great deal of experience driving a large truck? It’s not the same as driving a car and you might end up running into something when you back up. This is not a good way to start your day.


Professional movers in Memphis have no trouble packing all your things. After all, they have years of experience and the right equipment. On the other hand, you might have no idea what you are doing. This could lead to a lot of broken things, which you will need to replace or repair.

Mathematical Issues

What happens when you have more things than available space in the new home? You can’t leave them in the truck or out in the yard. If you hire movers in Memphis, they will take all your surplus things to their storage warehouse. This is the easiest solution.

Personal Injury

Many injuries happen when people are doing things they are not familiar with. Unless you work for professional movers in Memphis you probably know very little about the proper way to lift and load things and you might not be in the best physical shape either. This is a recipe for a back strain or injury and it could keep you from work for days or weeks.


When you try to do all the moving yourself, you might end up gouging walls, doorways, or putting scratches or dents in your fine things. In fact, it may actually cost you less if you hire professionals for the job.