Which Copier Leasing Company Should I Choose

Maybe it’s time to think about upgrading your current copying equipment. If you do the math and check out the options, you’ll discover many benefits to leasing instead of buying. But which copier leasing company is the right one for you? Let’s check out some important features to consider.

Managed Print and Copier Services

You can lease copy machines from many businesses but when you go with a copier leasing company offering managed print services, your job gets much easier. For example, a managed print service delivers your new copier or multifunction machine and sets it up. They take care of all the maintenance and they also handle ordering all of your supplies, so you never run out.

Your managed print professionals offer a quality support system and they remotely monitor your equipment around the clock.

Added Benefits

With a managed print and copy service, you enjoy the benefits of a sixty-day trial period and a trade-up program. This lets you upgrade without penalties. You’ll also enjoy on-site maintenance, and there is no limit on your volume. You can use your equipment as much as you like and if it quits and cannot be repaired during your lease period, your copier leasing company will replace it at no charge to you.

Loaner machine benefits keep you from dealing with extensive downtime. If your equipment needs repairs and it can’t be fixed in one day, you receive a loaner machine. Your loaner is provided free of charge with no strings attached.

Managed Mail Services

Does your company send out a lot of mail each day? If so, you can benefit from a managed mail service. Your mail service can give you machines that can put out sixty pieces of mail every minute. You won’t have to worry about maintenance with your managed mail service.