Where To Place Dusk To Dawn Lights

Keeping the important areas of a home or commercial property well-lit throughout the evening hours is always a wise decision. Having dusk to dawn lights that turn on and off automatically based on the level of natural light makes a cost-effective option for increasing safety and providing security.

Choosing the correct placement of these types of outdoor lights is different than working with lights for landscaping or to create a focus on specific design elements of the home or building. As a general statement, the dusk to dawn lights are designed to provide a wider and brighter coverage area that can be adjusted to suit the specific lighting requirements for the area.

Mounting Options

Most of these automatic sensor lights are designed to be mounted directly to the wall or surface or on a mounting arm. The use of the mounting arm extends the distance of the light away from the building or surface, which adds to the coverage area below the light.

By choosing a mounting height within the manufacturer’s recommended distance from the ground, it is possible to provide brighter and more pinpointed lighting or softer and wider coverage. The higher up the light is mounted, the less focused the coverage area will be directly under the light.

Traffic Areas

When choosing the location for the dusk to dawn lights, think about security as well as how people walk around the property. It is very common to use these types of lights on regular intervals around walkways or in outdoor parking areas to provide safety as well as visibility.

They can also be used along buildings, over doors and loading bay areas as well as in other areas on the exterior of a home or a commercial building where security may be a concern. Keep in mind; there are different lumen ratings to these lights, which will impact the amount of light they provide and the coverage area per light.