When Would A Trunk Opening Service Come In Handy?

Locks are not just for doors. In many cases, they are used for storage devices like trunks. The only problem is that keys do have a way of disappearing over time. Here are a few scenarios that would call for seeking a Trunk Opening Service to find out what’s in the trunk.

Cleaning Out the Attic

A loved one passed away, and there is a need to clear out the house before it is placed on the market. That includes doing something with the trunks in the attic. While there was a set of keys in the nightstand of the master bedroom, none of them seem to fit the locks. Rather than tossing the trunks out, why not call a Trunk Opening Service and find out what treasures may be found in them? A professional can open the locks without damaging the trunks, meaning they could be sold and make some money for the estate. In addition, there maybe some valuable items in the trunk that the loved ones would want to keep.

Dealing with a Rusty Lock

After years of residing in the basement, the time has come to do something about that old steamer trunk. It would be nice to find out what is inside, but the lock is rusted shut. Getting any type of key in the lock is impossible. A professional can treat the lock and get rid of enough of the rust for the key to work. Once the lid is open, the homeowner can decide if the trunk and its contents are worth keeping.

Finding a Trunk at a Flea Market

Nestled behind a pile of old magazines, the buyer finds a trunk that is not in the best of shape, but could be beautiful again with a little work. Since the key was lost years ago, there is no way of knowing what is inside. Once the trunk is purchased and brought home, call a professional. The lock can be opened quickly, and the interior examined. Depending on the condition of the lock, the professional can take an impression and make a fresh set of keys.

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