When Travelling Alone Isn’t Practical – Medical Escort Services

For those with major medical conditions, disabilities or other health concerns, travel can be tricky. Most facing these issues choose not to travel when they’re given the option, but sometimes transit is medically necessary or strongly advised. This could be for comfort and care at the end of a life, or to obtain needed medical procedures or services.

No matter what a patient’s reason for needing to be moved, it is an intimidating process for everyone involved. Health, safety and comfort are all top concerns, as well as access to all needed medication and treatment before, during and after the move. Bringing airlines into the equation only complicates things and requires the assistance of a professional – a medical escort service.

What is a Medical Escort Service?

The professionals who travel along with patients who have special health and safety needs are known as medical escorts, and are employed by services who assign them to those in need. These medically-trained, experienced caregivers ride or fly with their clients and care for them during every phase of the move. Whether they’re being transported across the state, nation or even to another country, an escort makes being mobile easier for the injured and infirm.

What do These Services Do?

Medical escorts provide a number of services to clients. What they do in each individual’s case is determined largely by that patient’s needs and what their care team deems best. Escorts are just one more member of this team during the time of services. Duties can include transporting clients who have become injured or ill away from home, those who need palliative care or patients who require medical services that are not offered in their current location.

No matter why a client chooses to employ a medical escort service, these professionals provide expert care and a better transit experience to those they accompany.