What’s the Right Upper East Side Apartment for You?

The Upper East Side is one of New York’s most famous neighborhoods and having an address there is considered to be one of the biggest and most coveted status symbols the city has to offer. The history of the Upper East Side is as rich and beautiful, with many beautiful buildings and restaurants at the fingertips of their residents.

The Neighborhood

If you are looking for an Upper East Side Condo, you might want to look for a location that has excellent views of the city with broad, open concepts as well as a position conveniently located nearby popular social spots. 200 E 62 is a location that fills all of these criteria and then some. The building is nearby two popular train stations, the nearest of which is the 59th Street station that houses the 4, 5, and six trains as well as a connection to the N, R, and W trains.

Some of the nearby restaurants and stores are:


Dylan’s Candy Bar

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Tony’s Di Napoli

Serendipity 3

An Upper East Side Condo is a beautiful and worthwhile investment that gives one the opportunity to live in a culturally rich and thriving environment located in one of New York City’s most famous neighborhoods. While not conventionally considered a tourist destination, it is close to some of New York’s most well-known landmarks including Central Park and Museum Mile.

Some of the greatest museums that New York City has to offer are the MoMA, which is a short train ride away from 200 E 62, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York, amongst others!

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