What’s the Best Way to Obtain a Forklift Certification in Orange County, CA?

Getting a forklift certification in Orange County, CA is easier with onsite training. This team of trainers can meet at your facility, and they can teach operators how to use equipment safely.

Forklift Certification in Orange County, CA

Your crew will learn about operation hazards, stability triangles, and combined actions. Moreover, they will go over pre-operation inspection requirements as well as nameplates.

Certified Onsite OSHA Training

Has your crew gone over tipping, loading, and unloading procedures yet, or do they still need help? These certified trainers can teach them all this, including propane refueling techniques.

Powered Industrial Truck Certifications

After course completion, anyone in attendance will receive their powered industrial truck certification. These remain valid for three years, but you need one for each class of equipment. For instance, if you are trained on a Class III forklift but operate a Class II, you need further training.

OSHA’s Forklift & Lift Truck Requirements

According to OSHA regulations, when a company changes workplace conditions, it must recertify. This course is compliant with all relevant bylaws and guidance, so you won’t need to worry.

Compliant With 29 CFR 1910.178

The penalty for operating forklifts without certification can be as stiff as $70,000. Plus, the minimum fine is at least $7,000, not to mention the potential for accidents.

Only Takes 2 Hours

Completing this course can be done onsite, and it usually takes two hours or less.

ROI Safety Services offers OSHA-compliant forklift certification in Orange County, CA . Visit them at their website at https://roisafetyservices.com to learn more.