What’s Involved In Turfgrass Maintenance Services In McLean, VA?

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Landscaping

In Virginia, property owners choose turfgrass for their property’s exterior to improve the way it looks. The grass is a viable choice for keeping the lawn green and beautiful. It is a beneficial option for residential and commercial property owners. A local lawn and landscaping provider can offer Turfgrass Maintenance Service in McLean VA for these property owners.

Managing Fertilizer Properly

Fertilizer is a key ingredient in keeping the property looking fantastic. It is necessary to make the lawn grow properly and ensure that the grass remains healthy. The lawn care technicians understand the best fertilizer options for the turfgrass, They will distribute the fertilizer throughout the lifespan of the grass.

Setting Up Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are vital for the turfgrass and ensure that the grass receives adequate water. These systems operate on a timer that is set up by the landscaping technician. They can choose a schedule that allows the grass to receive the right level of water without causing a major expense for the property owner. The systems also provide a convenient solution for the property owner who may not have the time to water the lawn daily.

Trimming Services for the Lawn

The technicians mow the grass according to the schedule they set up with their clients. This keeps the turfgrass at a safe level and prevents common issues such as pest infestations and places for snakes to hide effectively. They keep the lawn looking its best at all times.

Chemical Treatments to Stop Browning

Browning is caused by inadequate water, a lack of nutrients, and extreme temperatures. The technicians review the grass and evaluate browning to determine if additional steps are necessary. They also provide additional chemical treatments that lower the potential for browning.

In Virginia, property owners may choose to purchase turfgrass to make the property look better. The grass grows effectively and presents a beautiful lawn. Technicians manage maintenance requirements for this grass and ensure that it remains healthy for a long duration. Property owners who want to schedule Turfgrass Maintenance Service in McLean VA contact a service provider directly or visit us right now for an appointment.

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