What You Should Know About Social Security Benefits in Temecula, CA

Social security is something that you have probably been paying into for the majority of your life and may even be fully dependant on at some point. For this reason alone, it is important that you know what it entails, so you are not left out in the cold once you retire.

It’s Not Automatic

You are not entitled to a social security check simply because you were born in a certain country or because you are a certain age. Social security is paid into by the employed and can only be received if you too have paid enough into that system. In order to receive social security benefits in Temecula, CA, you must have worked a minimum of approximately 10 years in order to have earned enough credits to qualify for social security.

Protects Your Loved Ones

One of the great things about social security benefits is that they aren’t just limited to you. If you were to pass away, your children or other beneficiaries would be able to receive your benefits instead. This is not limited to the benefits that you earned from working but also any disability benefits that you receive as well.

Your Wage Matters

Your social security benefits are calculated based on how much income you earned during your career. Over the course of your work history, the 35 years where you earned the most is what will determine your social security payments. And because the years are averaged, missing a few work years can actually bring your potential income down significantly.

Before applying for social security benefits in Temecula, CA, you should know that receiving benefits too early could result in less payout. However, waiting until your full retirement age to receive your benefits can mean receiving as much as 70% more.

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