What You Should Know About Getting a Dui Reinstatement in Illinois

While driving might be considered a privilege to some, for most people, driving is a necessary part of their everyday life. However, driving while under the influence can result in serious consequences, such as an interruption of your ability to drive. If you are wanting to know about getting a DUI reinstatement in Illinois, here is some information to help you out.

Suspended Versus Revoked

The penalty that you received for driving under the influence will determine the process you would have to undergo in order to reinstate your driving
privileges. If your license was merely suspended, you would only be required to complete the necessary suspension period and pay the reinstatement fees. However, if your license was revoked, then you would most likely be required to undergo some form of drug or alcohol abuse counseling, retake your driving exam and more.

Hiring an Attorney

While some DUI suspensions, if they were first-time offenses, can be dealt with on your own, multiple infractions can result in serious penalties. If your license has been revoked, depending on the type of offense, getting it reinstated can be a very difficult process. In this case, you should contact an attorney who can help you reduce the charges, reinstate your license and more.

If you need a lawyer to handle your DUI reinstatement in Illinois, make sure you choose someone who specializes in this area. Sometimes, having your license reinstated isn’t as simple as paying a fee, therefore you might need a seasoned attorney to help you navigate the process.

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