What You Should Know About A Neck Lift In Lakeview

In Illinois, women and men seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon to address the signs of aging. Among these conditions are those attributed to sagging skin around the face and neck. A Neck Lift Lakeview is among the more popular options for eliminating these conditions.

Who Should Acquire a Neck Lift

Neck lift surgeries are provided for any patients who are at least eighteen years of age. Ideal patients have sagging skin around the neck that hinders their appearance. It is ideal for patients over the age of thirty. However, younger patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and have sagging skin as a result are also idyllic patients. The surgeon must perform a health assessment before scheduling the procedure.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

A neck lift is a procedure in which fatty deposits under the chin and excessive sagging of the skin is removed. The surgeon cuts away sagging skin in which elasticity is lost. They also utilize liposuction to remove fat deposits that have accumulated in these areas. They also use muscle banding to strengthen surrounding muscles needed to support the neck. They are also performed to correct previous muscle banding that caused abnormal features.

What to Expect During Recovery?

The recovery time for a neck lift ranges between two and four weeks. Surgeons provide pain medication to address any discomfort. Patients should keep their head elevated during the recovery process. They should refrain from participating in any physical activities during recovery. A portion of these procedures require drainage tubes. If installed, the patient should follow all after-care instructions that apply. Staples and sutures are removed after the first week of recovery.

The procedure is classified as major surgery. The probability of infections is higher if the patient needs drainage tubes. The patient should seek medical attention if they experience any adverse effects.

Illinois plastic surgeons provide men and women with procedures to eliminate sagging skin. These procedure can reduce the visible signs of aging. They can provide the patient with a more aesthetically pleasing face and neck. Patients who wish to undergo a Neck Lift Lakeview should contact Adam J Cohen MD today to schedule a consultation. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.