What You Didn’t Know about Las Vegas’ CityCenter

Las Vegas is famous for many things—gambling, shopping, entertainment, food, and the sprawling desert landscape that surrounds it. However, there’s more to Vegas than what you’ve seen on television or in the movies. Some incredibly unique architectural feats and urban spaces have been created in this bustling city. One of these places is the Las Vegas CityCenter.

  1. There’s no limit to what CityCenter can be. Including multiple hotels, a mall, a convention center, numerous restaurants, a casino, and even a monorail, CityCenter truly has a little bit of everything. In fact, Veer Towers, condos on the Las Vegas Strip, overlook this demonstration of impressively unique and stylish architecture. Not only is it a gorgeous attraction for visitors, but it’s home to locals, too!

  2. CityCenter is the very definition of green architecture. As the biggest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project in existence, CityCenter is more than a mall, a casino, and condos on the Las Vegas Strip—it’s one of the most ambitious examples of sustainable architecture in the world.

  3. CityCenter is the largest construction project ever in Las Vegas. At a total of eighteen million square feet, CityCenter is approximately the size of six Empire State Buildings. You don’t need to do the math to know that that’s a lot of space. Its size truly helps it to live up to its name as a miniature city.

If you’re looking for condominiums for sale near CityCenter, Las Vegas, look no further! What could be better than living in part of CityCenter itself? To be a part of this distinctive aspect of Las Vegas and to be able to say that the famous CityCenter is your home might just make you the most popular person amongst your friends. Who could blame them?

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