What to Look for When Buying Church Furniture

When it comes to managing a church building, there’s a fine line between keeping its historical integrity intact versus simply needing to replace outdated material.

That’s particularly true when it comes to the furniture, as some of it may have sentimental and religious significance attached to it.

Whether you’re looking to replace a few light fixtures or you’re ready to overhaul the entire seating area, here are three things to consider when checking out church furniture suppliers:

  1. Is Space a Problem? Pews are the standard in many parishes, but they can also take up a lot of space and leave you little room to rearrange things — especially if they come with kneelers or hassocks. On the other hand, worship seating chairs offer more flexibility, and the soft-cushion seats provide more comfort, something the elderly parishioners will appreciate.

  2. Is it Time to Upgrade the Lectern? Small lecterns are great for traveling or holding services in small areas, but not all of them are equipped for sound. On the other hand, lecterns equipped for sound have gone high-tech, with some equipped with built-in wireless microphones. Either way, make sure to check the sizes. Smaller lecterns might not work in synagogues, for example, as they need to be large enough to hold open the Torah scrolls.

  3. What About the Non-Worship Areas? The business office. The cafeteria. Conference rooms. These are all rooms that can be easily overlooked — but could use updated more functional furniture. Things like risers for the office area, and mobile tables and cafeteria tables not only give your parish a more modern look, you can find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price while eating up minimal amounts of space.

Be sure to keep these issues in mind during the search for new furniture. Whether you have a small upgrade planned or you are interested in updating entire rooms, church furniture suppliers will have a wide array of options for you!