What to Look for in a Portable Tool Chest

Staying organized is one of the most important things you can do to boost your productivity. Whether it’s at work or home, a clean work area, and easy to find tools are known as the best ways to keep your mind clear, which allows your brain to work much more efficiently.

It’s every man’s dream to have a few gigantic tool chests in his garage, filled with everything he could need to build or fix anything.

While it can be expensive to build up a serious set of tools and chests, you would do well to start out with something a bit smaller, and more portable.

Perhaps you already have a few large chests, and you just want something small that can move with you throughout the garage or into the car to make work a bit easier.

What exactly should you look for in a Portable Tool Chest

Quality Build

Any good mechanic or handyman will tell you how important quality is in a piece of equipment like this. A good tool chest isn’t going to be extremely light. You need a bit of weight to keep the chest from tipping over when the drawers and sections are opened.

You’ll also want to look and listen to the action of the drawers if the box has any. It’s fairly easy to tell a good set from a bad set. A good set of drawers will have a smooth action. When drawers are closed, they should be flush and aligned properly. Without proper mechanisms, the weight of the tools will cause damage over time, and then you might end up with most of your tools spilling out onto the floor.

In fact, check any moving parts to make sure that the hinges and action are strong and durable.

Quality Materials

There’s no such thing as a quality tool chest made out of plastic. Plastic and materials like it can’t stand up to serious work. Things like temperate can cause plastic boxes to warp and bend, which will make them impossible to use at some point. Drawers won’t slide open, and hinges will get stuck.

A quality portable tool chest will be made from durable materials like aluminum and steel.

Quality Design

Once you open your portable tool chest, you shouldn’t have a jumbled up mess of tools. Your tools shouldn’t slide around. The purpose of a tool chest is to keep things organized so that you can find exactly what you need as soon as you open the chest.

This will allow you to work efficiently and with limited frustration.

When you open your chest, you should see compartments for all the types of tools you need to carry with you. It’s essential to have slots for ratchet drives and extensions.