What To Expect When Hiring A Shingle Roofing Contractor In St. Charles, MO

A home’s roof protects it from environmental threats, and it is a significant component of the overall structural integrity of a building. Despite the type of roofing material used, it will need to be replaced over time to prevent the onset of leaks and other issues that will leave a house susceptible to Mother Nature’s wrath. Here is a quick look at how a shingle roofing contractor in St. Charles MO helps alleviate these worries and an overview of what a homeowner should expect when hiring them to repair or replace their roof.

Initial Inspection and Estimate

To begin, the contractor will measure the roof and inspect it to decide if any damage will require repair before replacing the shingles. Most contractors perform this inspection at no cost, as it allows the homeowner to determine what the total price of a roofing restoration project will be. The technician will then create an estimate that incorporates the use of several types of shingles, which gives the client the ability to choose the one that meets any budget restrictions they may have.

Removal of Old Material

Once the homeowner approves the estimate, the Shingle Roofing Contractor in St. Charles MO will remove the old roofing material. The total cost of the project also includes the removal and proper disposal of any waste. After discarding the existing shingles, the contractor will perform an additional inspection to ensure the roof sheathing does not require repair before installing the new shingles.

New Roof Installation

After preparing the roof, the next step is the installation of the new shingles. The contractor will first lay a felt lining material over the exposed wood, which helps to increase overall water resistance. They will then nail the shingles to the roof and make any repairs to the fascia or gutters so the home is watertight and ready for any weather-related threats.

Few things are as harrowing as a roof that is in disrepair. Affordable Exteriors offers a complete line of maintenance services that will keep a home safe and beautiful for years to come. Visit us to learn more and tackle any roofing issues once and for all.