What to Expect from Stellar Moving Services in Birmingham AL

You’re moving, and like most people, you probably think it’s a harrowing experience. Or, you could be patting yourself on the back, and thinking how prepared you are. While most people have high expectations for moving services, far too many fail to plan for the move on their end. Inventory all your items and prepare a list for the agency. That will make it a lot easier to expedite things when they arrive to inspect and give you an estimate.

Preparing for Your Move
Make sure all the utilities are turned off at your last Birmingham, AL address. Likewise, make sure everything is turned on at your destination address. Also, check that your change of address has been submitted at your local post office. Take special care to make sure that no personal information has been overlooked. Old-school identity thieves are still on the prowl. They’re looking for Social Security numbers, birthdates, and any personal data that can compromise your good credit standing.

Your Professional Moving Team
You’ve got everything covered on your end, and you’ve spent quality time looking or the right moving services. Birmingham AL awaits your arrival. You can now raise your expectations for the agency you’ve chosen to relocate you to greener pastures:

  • They will have done a thorough inventory of your items, and will have given you an estimate that you can live with.
  • They will also employ a professional moving team. Make sure there are no part-time workers on the team. They’re likely not to be as skilled or caring about your personal items. That’s not a sweeping statement, but simply the fact that full-time employees have more invested in a company. Professional movers also know how to pack and unload. They can help plan the move from start to finish. You’re also able to work with a point person who can keep you up to speed at every point along the way.
  • They’ll also have insurance that protects your property from damage.

The next thing you can do is to let your Birmingham, AL moving services do their job. If they’re professional, and your research indicates that they are, they can move your personal items safely and quickly. You should also expect to receive a free estimate, help with packing and unpacking (if you choose), a single point of contact to stay informed, valuation coverage, and more.