What to Expect from Home Hospice Care in Sun City

Home Hospice Care in Sun City is designed to relieve the pain and symptoms of terminal illnesses while maintaining the highest quality of life possible for the patient. Advocacy, emotional support, and spiritual support are also part of services. Patients can expect customized and compassionate care to accommodate whatever their needs may be. Companionship, medication management, durable equipment, and personal assistance are some examples of care components for patients.

Family members can expect continued support from Home Hospice Care in Sun City as well. End of life issues affect all people involved with those that have a life expectancy of six months or less. Information regarding how the specific disease or illness will progress is helpful in letting friends, family, and community members know what will transpire in the coming months. Bereavement support is also provided once the loved one has died. Support groups can be facilitated by a care coordinator, or referrals can be made to local support groups for those who live in other areas. One-on-one visits and well check phone calls are also possible avenues of bereavement support.

Home care is provided in several different settings. Some patients live in assisted living facilities, for example, while others live in their own homes. Living with a family member or friend, residing in a nursing home, or moving from the home of one relative to another does not preclude anyone from services. Wherever the patient currently calls home is where care will be provided. Those with questions regarding special circumstances can call the company, or address concerns with the physician prior to referral.

In addition to compassionate and professional care, a team approach involving existing primary care physicians and specialists can be expected. The process eases a transition into services and ensures consistency of care. It also helps coordinate information, reveal past history, and help staff cater to unique needs. To explore the possibility of hospice care, patients and family members can go . The decision to participate in hospice services can be a difficult one. Knowing what to expect, and having professionals provide a resource, will help people make an informed choice for their care, or that of a loved one.