What To Expect From A Lash Lift Long Beach CA

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If eyes are a feature that does not stand out, due to sparse or thinning lashes, one way to create the illusion of larger eyes and longer lashes is with a Lash Lift in Long Beach CA. A lash lift is a safe cosmetic procedure that is performed at Brow Heaven Threading Studio. Anyone can safely have this procedure performed on their lashes and will receive noticeable results immediately. Lashes will appear longer and uniform. Eyes will stand out and enhance other features on an individual’s face.

A Lash Lift in Long Beach CA is a safe procedure that can be completed quickly. A skilled technician will assist a client when they first arrive for their appointment. The client will need to be lying back so that a silicone pad can be applied to each lash. Lashes are lifted from the root. Once the pad has been applied, a coat of lash glue is added. The entire process is painless. Many clients who have had lash lifts performed in the past have found that sessions are relaxing.

After a Lash Lift in Long Beach CA is complete, the products that were applied will be removed. Irritation to the eyes or the skin that surrounds them will not be an issue. Makeup can be applied to lashes right away if someone would like to darken the color of their lashes or enhance their appearance. Instructions will be provided so that a client is aware of how to take care of their lashes. It is usually advisable to avoid bathing or getting lashes wet for a specific amount of time.

Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, lashes can get wet and the lift will not be affected. A lash lift is an affordable procedure that can be completed every few months. If an interested person would like to treat themselves to a pampering session or would like to give a special gift to a loved one or friend, they may want to consider a lash lift. This procedure can improve self-confidence and provide an appearance that has always been desired.

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