What Steps Should You Take After a Dog Bite in Hampton, VA?

Though dog owners are required by law to keep their dogs from harming others, mistakes and neglect can occur and leave someone to become a victim of a dog bite in Hampton, VA. When a person is bitten by a dog, lasting injuries and emotional distress can occur. Thankfully, there are some steps an injured person can take after a dog bite so they can be armed with the information they need to pursue a case with a lawyer.

* The first step a person needs to take is to make sure they properly identify the dog and learn who its owner is. This is crucial for not only pursuing a claim for the dog bite injury but also for ensuring the dog did not have rabies. If the owner cannot prove the dog has been vaccinated, it will need to be tested. If the dog is suspected to have rabies, the injured victim may be required to undergo a series of rabies injections that can be quite painful and expensive.

* It is crucial the bitten victim seeks medical care as soon as possible after a dog bite in Hampton, VA. The victim needs to make sure they inform the doctor of how their injuries occurred so it can be properly notated in the medical reports.

* An injured victim needs to file a bite report no matter how minor the bite may be. This report is filed with animal control or the sheriff’s department. This not only starts a legal case for the victim but also provides a record should the same dog bite someone else in the future.

* It is important a person gathers as much information as possible so they can prepare their case, should it go to trial. Learning of the dog’s bite record, licenses, and veterinary records can allow a person to be armed with information.

* Finally, it behooves a bite victim to seek help from a lawyer. A lawyer who works with injury cases will be able to help a victim pursue their case in court so they can receive compensation for their injuries and medical bills.

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