What Should People Know About Steel Recycling in Baltimore MD

According to the Steel Recycling Institute, steel is the number one recycled metal in North America. Steel recycling is crucial for making steel products across the world. It is estimated around 50% of all steel products produced in the world come from the recycling of scrap metal. The Steel Recycling Institute has worked to educate people on the importance of recycling this precious resource by working with scrap metal yards to promote Steel Recycling in Baltimore MD.

Though the demand for steel has been steadily increasing, the recycling efforts have lowered by as much as 30% since 2013. Recycling steel is paramount since the Earth’s natural metal resources are slowly being depleted. Unfortunately, these metals cannot be man made so people need to work towards recycling as much as they can.

Unlike some recyclable materials, steel can be recycled without losing any of its primary properties. It can be melted down and molded and shaped to make a variety of metal parts and structures that are needed for manufacturing processes all over the world.

The manufacturing processes across the world create around eleven million tons of steel each year. Thankfully, around 70% of that comes back as being recycled in some form. With each ton of steel that is recycled, the world is saved:

  • 1.5 tons of iron ore
  • .5 tons of coal
  • Water used in production
  • Energy used in production
  • 1.28 tons of solid waste
  • 86% of air emissions
  • 76% in water pollution

Steel can be recycled in most every metal scrapyard located across the country. A person simply needs to bring the steel to the yard that provides steel recycling in Baltimore MD.

The steel will be checked and then weighed so the person recycling the metal can receive payment for their efforts. The going rate of recycled steel varies according to the time of year and the demand.

If you have steel that you would be interested in recycling, contact us and allow us to give you further information on the steps you will need to take. Through steel recycling, you can get rid of your unwanted scrap metal and help the environment at the same time.