What Should Men Know About The Priapus Shot?

One of the most common reasons men seek the Priapus Shot from their doctor is erectile dysfunction. This issue primarily affects men who are thirty and over and can be caused by a natural decline in testosterone, along with health issues and medications. Thankfully, men can be treated with an injection of platelet-rich plasma which can restore their normal function and allow them to regain their ability to perform.

There are many benefits to the Priapus Shot, including:

  • The injections can strengthen the male member.
  • The size can be increased.
  • The male organ can be made straighter.
  • The health of the member can be made healthier due to better circulation.
  • The injection can help to increase the level of sensation felt for greater pleasure, especially in those men who have nerve damage due to diabetes.
  • Because the man’s own blood plasma is being used, there is no fear of the body rejecting the injection treatments.
  • If a man must take erectile dysfunction medications, this shot will make them work better.

This treatment is carried out with the first step of drawing blood from the arm. The blood is then sent through a centrifuge machine so the plasma can be separated. The doctor will then numb the injection site so no pain or discomfort will be felt.

The blood plasma is treated with a special chemical called calcium chloride which effectively tricks the cells into thinking an injury has occurred so they immediately begin releasing large amounts of growth factors. Once this process is complete, the mixture is then placed into a syringe with a small needle and carefully injected into precise areas, for the best results.

While a man may notice immediate positive changes, true change occurs over a period of two to four weeks, as the body creates new fibroblasts. Circumference and length will both change if the treatment is successful. It is important a man speaks with his doctor about the benefits of this treatment and discusses any present health concerns and medications to ensure he will be a good candidate. If you would like further information on this treatment, please visit website. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.