What Materials Do Commercial Drywall Services Use?

The invention of drywall a little bit over a century ago revolutionized the process of building and finishing both homes and commercial spaces. Drywall is made from gypsum pressed between sheets of paper and is much easier and faster to install than the lath and plaster that preceded its invention. Using the right type of drywall to complete a project is a matter of both practicality and preference. Contracting Commercial Drywall Installation services in Idaho through a reputable company will give commercial property owners the chance to speak with an expert about their options.

In some places, building codes require the use of certain types of drywall for specific applications. For example, fire resistant drywall must be used in some circumstances. In others, the drywall chosen must be thicker to accommodate studs that are farther apart or thick coatings of paint. In bathrooms and other high humidity areas, a moisture resistant variety must be chosen. Often choosing the right drywall is not only a matter of legal necessity but also an essential requirement for getting a building insured.

Standard drywall can be used for most interior applications. It is typically either 1/2 an inch or 5/8 an inch thick and comes in four by eight-foot sheets. It only makes good sense to use the largest possible sheets of drywall, as they have less, seams and thus require less work to install them. Those who intend to apply plaster directly to the drywall should choose a variety that has a paper coating to help the plaster adhere to the walls.

Fire resistant drywall is sometimes known as Perlite and is typically only used when building codes require it. The added expense of installing fire-resistant drywall throughout a building does not necessarily come with added benefit. Moisture and mold resistant varieties are sometimes known as green board and are treated to stand up to the added moisture of bathrooms or other potentially wet areas. Soundproof drywall also exists and is widely used in commercial applications.

Still not sure what the most practical solution is for a building remodel or rebuild? Commercial property owners can contact DAW Construction Group LLC for more information about different types of drywall and Commercial drywall installation services in Idaho or to get a quote.