What Legal Fees Will You Have To Pay Your Social Security Lawyer?

Many people that suffer a physical or mental disability will find themselves financially stressed and as a result will hesitate to hire an experienced Social Security lawyer in Garden Grove to help them with their disability claim. There is no reason for this reluctance to get legal assistance, Social Security lawyers do not charge any fees up-front nor do they ask for a retainer; they work on contingency which simply means that they get paid when you win your case.

The contingency fee agreement:

Not only does a Social Security lawyer work on contingency, the amount that he or she can charge is set by the SSA.

When you agree to hiring a lawyer you will enter into an agreement that gives the Social Security Administration the right to pay your lawyer directly from the back pay that you are awarded. The amount of money you will pay your lawyer cannot exceed $6,000 and is based on a limit of 25 percent of your back pay award. If the lawyer fails to get you benefits you do not have to pay any legal fees at all, although you will be liable for any miscellaneous costs that the lawyer incurred on your behalf while pursuing the claim.

What is back pay?

There will be a considerable delay in your disability case, with the number of applicants that have to take their case to appeals the average wait is in excess of one year. Once you are finally approved for benefits, the amount of your first check is that money owed from the date you applied, minus one month.

It is this back pay that is used to determine the legal fee. If, for example you were awarded back pay in the amount of $10,000, your Social Security lawyer in Garden Grove will get 25 percent ($2,500) and you receive the balance of $7,500. This is a one-time payment, all subsequent monthly amounts are your in their entirety.

If your claim for Social Security disability was denied you need to hire a Social Security lawyer in Garden Grove and appeal the decision. For a free evaluation of your case you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.