What is the Best E Cig Juice Made Of?

E-juice is the substance inside of an electronic cigarette that gives it the flavor and smoke-like vapor e-cig smokers love. But, how exactly is the best e cig juice made and what is in it? Here is the answer to that burning question.

Inside the best e cig juice are several base ingredients, including propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, distilled water, nicotine, and flavorings. Some versions are nicotine free, otherwise they come in extra light (8 mg nicotine), light (12 mg nicotine), regular (18 mg nicotine) and high (24 mg nicotine). Pick the level that you want, or pick 0 percent if you don’t want any nicotine at all.

What is Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin?

Propylene Glycol is used a lot in various foods, in food coloring, and as an additive to some medicines and toothpaste. The product used in the best e cig juice is 100 percent food grade, so it’s non-toxic. As for vegetable glycerin, it too is a common additive in skin care products, cosmetics, and toothpaste. It is a thick, sweet vegetable based product and is what helps to produce the vapor when you puff on an e-cigarette.

Different brands combine these two ingredients differently in their e-juice. The most common levels of these two products are 100% vegetable glycerin, 50/50 vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and 80/20 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Hundreds of Flavors Available in E-Juice

Perhaps the best e cig juice benefit is that it comes in so many different flavors. You can start off with the traditional tobacco flavor and move on to more exotic choices like cotton candy, mint, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, and many more of the fruity, minty or candy-like concoctions.

So, if you want a wide choice of flavors, as well as a smooth and exotic taste with the look and feel of regular tobacco cigarette smoking, but none of the bad chemicals to ruin your smoking pleasure, then try out some of the best E Cig juice today!