What Is FUE Hair Transplant and How Does It Work?

Are you worried about the growing balding patches on your head? Don’t fret! Today, there are many safe technologies and procedures that can help you promote new hair growth and flaunt your gorgeous locks! One such procedure is the reliable FUE hair transplant in NY.

Let’s see what FUE hair transplants are and how they work!

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant or Follicular unit extraction hair transplant is a procedure used to restore hair by replacing old follicles that produce thin or no hair with new ones that can grow hair. It’s a relatively safe procedure with minor side effects, such as swelling or sensitivity, which will subside within a few days of the treatment. This procedure is typically performed on the scalp, but you can also get it done on other body parts with hair, like your arms or legs.

How Does It Work?

FUE hair transplant involves the surgeon shaving down your hair in the area where the follicles will be removed from, also known as the donor site, as well as around the transplant area. Then, the surgeon will use a micro punch tool to remove the follicles from your skin.

They will use a needle to make a series of small incisions to plant the extracted follicles. Next, they will carefully insert the follicles into the incisions, clean the area, and bandage it for recovery. After the transplant, your blood vessels will nourish the transplanted follicles and promote hair growth.

Even though FUE hair transplant is a relatively safe procedure, you should always consult with your doctor to make an informed decision!