What Is An MBBS Degree?

An MBBS degree is in many ways similar to an MD, but there are a number of differences. Both degrees require intensive study and allow those completing the degree to practice medicine. However, an MD is a more specialized degree than an MBBS and follows the completion of an MBBS. In a sense, an MBBS is a first step towards becoming an MD, but one does not need an MD to be a doctor. Those who are serious about practicing medicine may want to study MBBS in Saint Lucia.

The MBBS Program

The MBBS program usually lasts four and a half years, and the topics learned in the first year include anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. Further on in the course, students will learn pharmacology, forensic medicine, microbiology and other topics. When students pass exams in these topics, they are given an internship to complete. This internship lasts about a year and develops the skills learned in the course.

Those who study MBBS in Saint Lucia take the courses required for the degree and then complete internships. Earning an MBBS degree is sufficient to qualify a person to practice medicine, but for many, it is a first step.

Going On To An MD Program

An MD is different from an MBBS degree because it requires greater specialization. The MBBS is an undergraduate degree that provides basic qualifications. An MD is a postgraduate degree that offers areas of concentration such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, and dentistry. There is no need to wait to practice medicine, however, until you have achieved an MD; an MBBS is enough to be qualified to treat patients. There are a number of students who go ahead and practice medicine. They may study MBBS in Saint Lucia for a few years before earning an MD, and some feel they do not need to get the additional degree at all.

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